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We love Toronto with it’s multitude of ethnicity and unique Toronto neighbourhoods. In this section we will attempt to introduce you to the best of Toronto neighbourhoods and what we love about each of them. We have lived in several Toronto neighbourhoods over the years and have a unique perspective on some of them.  Just click on the links below.


Lets get started with the Beach.



Bloor West Village

The location of Bloor West Village is great! You can take a stroll over to High Park and enjoy just under 400 acres of beautiful outdoor actives. Enjoy anything and everything from having a picnic with the family, to playing volleyball or softball at one of the sports facilities. High Park is a great way to spend the day with the entire family.




Parkdale was once the wealthiest area in Toronto (before the Gardiner Expressway, and a new Lake Shore Boulevard were built), and you can see that from the well-preserved mansions that were built in the late 1800’s. Some of the mansions are still available, however most of them have been converted into rooming homes for single family use. These beautiful homes have mixed styles from Queen Anne to Richardson Romansque.



High Park

High Park offers not only winding tree-lined streets, but you can also find impressive Victorian, Edwardian, and Tudor-style homes! These large homes were built in the early 1900’s, have been divided into multiple-family dwellings for today’s residence.




Roncesvalles Village

Toronto’s Roncesvalles Village neighbourhood is one of the most vibrant, and family-oriented areas. Roncesvalles Village is very family-oriented area one of the most vibrant and loved neighbourhoods in Toronto!





Swansea is the only neighbourhood in Toronto to have events their own Town Hall. Houses in the neighbourhood were built between 1905 – 1935, and are mainly detached, however there’s also semi-detached houses, bungalows, and low-rise apartments. The Swansea neighbourhood is one of Toronto’s most prosperous neighbourhoods!





SunnyLea in Etobicoke

Pedestrian Crossing AreaThe Sunnylea neighbourhood is valued because of it’s great shopping, access to parks, great education opportunities, the Kingsway Sunnylea Residents Association, and the mature trees that line the streets don’t hurt. Staying busy is easy: enjoy a day at the park, or a night at the pub! Sunnylea is a one of a kind county neighbourhood in Toronto.




Kingsway Park

Kingsway English-style HomeThe Kingsway Park neighbourhood was formerly known as the Clergy Reserve lands (in the early 1800’s). Eventually the land was deeded to the Church of England, and finally it was acquired by Robert Home Smith in 1908. Mr. Smith turned the Kingsway into one of finest neighbourhoods!





The Leslieville neighbourhood still feels a bit like a small village, with its cozy houses, quaint stores, and tree lined streets. It provides residents, as well as visitors with a sense of peace, especially considering the neighbourhood’s close proximity to downtown Toronto.




The Annex

The Annex is one of Toronto’s oldest neighbourhoods, and remains as one of Toronto’s premier neighbourhoods. Its residents consist of: artists, writers, politicians, community leaders, successful business people, academics, media personalities, and University of Toronto students as well as faculty.





The Leaside neighbourhood is in high demand for upper middle income families, whose ideal neighbourhood would help with goals, such as: raise children, enjoy quiet streets, offer a variety of education opportunities, has large shopping districts, and easy access to public transit.





Riverdale is one of Toronto’s favorite neighbourhoods. Bounded by Riverdale Park & Broadview Ave. on the Western side, reaching east to Pape Ave. south to Gerrard and north to the Danforth.  It has a large and diverse community, that is well known for its large shopping districts, and quaint Victorian homes. The streets are filled with some of the largest maple trees in all of Toronto.






Wychwood Park

The Wychwood Park is known for it’s architectural homes. It was one of Toronto’s earliest planned communities, and Wychwood Park was designated as an Ontario Heritage Conservation district in 1985.  Today the Wychwood Park neighbourhood is one of Toronto’s few private communities. The cost for living in one of Toronto’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, is a bit more compared to other neighbourhoods.





Today, the Summerhill neighbourhood is one of Toronto’s most prominent neighbourhoods! Most of the homes are detached and semi-detached, and are Victorian and Edwardian in style. There’s also some more modern townhouses, and some low-rise luxury condominiums available






Today, Cabbagetown is now known as one of Toronto’s most renovated, and popular neighbourhoods. Residents of this neighbourhood come from all across the globe, but they all share a strong sense of pride for their neighbourhood.



North Toronto

Today, the North Toronto neighbourhood is a central location, within the updated city boundaries. This large neighbourhood is extremely popular for families with young children. The area has lots to offer, including: a variety of education opportunities, plenty of parks, a community centre, a library, and public transit to anywhere you need to be in Toronto.



Moore Park

The Moore Park neighbourhood was founded by a gentleman known as John Thomas Moore. This is how the neighbourhood received its name. In 1889, Moore Park was subdivided as an exclusive Toronto suburb that was marketed to the wealthy.





Rosedale is centred in the middle of Toronto, however as mentioned earlier, the neighbourhood is secluded from the rest of the city. Along with the natural ravines, and gorges, the trees fill the neighbourhood and help reduce noise, as well as increase the green space in the area. This allows Rosedale to be away from the rest of the world, while only a few minutes away from downtown Toronto, it’s the best of both worlds!



Hoggs Hollow

The Hoggs Hollow neighbourhood has a deep history that begins in 1824, and still continues to be made today. It’s one of the most affluent neighbourhoods, and there’s a lot of interesting information about this Toronto neighbourhood!





Lawrence Park

Lawrence Park Landscape


Lawrence Park is known as one of Toronto’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, along side with Rosedale, and Forest Hill.  Aside from beautiful houses, the Lawrence Park neighbourhood also attracts people due to it’s great selection of high-end amenities within the area.  With everything that Lawrence Park offers, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the wealthiest and most developed neighbourhoods in Canada!






Regal Heights

Regal Heights Toronto

Regal Heights Evening View

The prices for this Toronto real estate can vary depending on the size and location of the property. Typically, houses in the Regal Heights neighbourhood are sold for anywhere from half a million to well over a million dollars Canadian. A recently sold property featured: four bedrooms, two bathrooms, rich wood trims, French and pocket doors, an oak staircase and banister, stained glass windows, and a beamed dining room ceiling. These listings are very common to see in Regal Heights.



Forest Hill

Toronto's Forest Hill

Toronto Real Estate in Forest Hill

The Forest Hill neighbourhood as seen today in Toronto, comes from a deep history starting back in 1860. The first residence built in the Forest Hill area was located on top of the hill within the forest, however while the hill still exists today, the forest does not.




Chaplin Estates

chaplin estates schools in toronto

Nearby Schools to the Chaplin Estates Neighbourhood

Chaplin Estates offers it’s residence some of the best parks and green spaces that Toronto has to offer. You can find six local parks, including: Eglinton Park, Lawrence Park, Sunnybrook Park, Sherwood Park, Blythwood Park, and Moore Park Ravines. The local favorite seems to be Eglinton Park, which is always filled with dog walkers, joggers, and cyclists.



Davisville Village

Toronto's Davisville Village

View of downtown Toronto from Davisville Village

Davisville Village is a very popular neighbourhood for singles, young couples, and families. The neighbourhood offers affordable Toronto real estate, along with great recreational facilities, outstanding shopping districts, active nightlife, restaurants, dinner theatre, clubs, and movie theatres. The neighbourhood also offers local residence with nearby professional services, such as: printing, banking, health care, and dental care.



King West Village

Toronto's King West Village

Shopping Strip in King West Village

The King West Village is also commonly known as Queen West Village. The very deep history of this neighbourhood goes back to the 1850s. This is when Clarence Square and Victoria Square was joined together by the great Wellington Place Boulevard.  West Village offers some of Toronto’s best estate. You can find beautiful Victorian-style town homes sitting upon the exact same location as where some of Toronto’s largest manufacturing plants used to exist. The new Victorian-style town homes and condominiums are nicely complimented by the windy roads, trees, and local parks that make for a great walk or a fantastic bicycle ride!

Dovercourt Village

toronto's dovercourt village

Toronto Real Estate in Dovercourt Village

The Toronto houses offered here at Dovercourt Village, are typically two to three stories high. Some of the retail buildings also offer apartments or rental houses above, in the higher stories of the building.






Casa Loma

Casa Loma Castle TorontoToronto’s Casa Loma neighbourhood provides marvelous real estate to many happy citizens. Casa Loma offers many parks and ravines, allowing the neighbourhood to feel like an enriched forest in the middle of a large city. This makes Casa Loma very unique from other neighbourhoods in Toronto.






street view of toronto's yorkville neighbourhoodToday, Yorkville is known as one of Toronto’s most dynamic neighbourhoods! It offers the people of Toronto an exciting mix of luxury condominiums & apartment buildings, large commercial office towers, four star hotels, theatres, gourmet restaurants, an amazing shopping district that’s developed over 50 years, and most importantly Yorkville offers its residence beautiful Victorian real estate.


Bedford Park

Bedford Park backyard

A backyard in Toronto’s Lovely Bedford Park

Houses in Bedford Park come in a wide variety of detached and semi-detached real estate. These homes were mainly built between 1890 and 1940, but lately a few of the bungalows have been torn down and replaced by custom designed townhouses. The homes in Bedford Park are low-rise terraced real estate, in a private ravine setting.





Deer Park

Deer Park in winter

Today, the Deer Park neighbourhood is different from all the other successful Toronto neighbourhoods. This is because the real estate in Deer Park isn’t isolated from the rest of Toronto. The residential streets take you directly to the heart of Toronto’s busiest shopping, entertainment, and business districts. This provides Deer Park residence with the perfect balance of green space and community activities.





South Hill

South Hill Real EstateThe South Hill neighbourhood is one of Toronto’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, along with Rosedale and Forest Hill. South Hill’s central location makes it easy to get to Toronto’s business and entertainment districts.  South Hill’s real estate is generally $700 000 Canadian to over one million dollars. These impressive homes are some of the largest homes in all of Toronto!





Teddington Park

aerial view of Teddington ParkTeddington Park is a high-end residential district, and it’s also one of Toronto’s smallest and most exclusive districts! Teddington Park is surrounded by natural parks and green spaces, including the great Rosedale Golf Club (as mentioned earlier), as well as the Riverview Drive Ravine. Together they allow peace and quite throughout the entire Teddington Park neighbourhood.




Allenby parkAlong with it’s great local schools, Allenby also attracts people to the area because of it’s affordable real estate, excellent shopping venues, recreational activities to keep you active, and convenient public transportation.  Real estate in the Allenby neighbourhood goes for as low as $500 000 Canadian, however there are a few houses that are worth over a million





Cedarvale in the winter

Real estate in Toronto’s Cedarvale neighbourhood varies in price from just over $400 000 to over one million dollars Canadian. These homes were built between 1920 and 1950, and are mainly of Tudor and Georgian architecture. The larger real estate in Cedarvale is mainly marketed towards the affluent, and they offer large lots that overlook the ravine!





Hillcrest Park real estateThe Hillcrest neighbourhood is a well established Toronto neighbourhood. It’s tree-lined streets compliment the beautiful real estate if has to offer. One thing that really attracts individuals and families to the Hillcrest neighbourhood, is it’s unique location. Hillcrest is on the ridge of the Davenport escarpment, and this great topography has resulted in one of the best atmospheres in Toronto!



Lytton Park

lytton park toronto

beautiful home in Lytton Park

Real estate in Toronto’s Lytton Park varies in value anywhere from just over $600 000 to over one million Canadian dollars. Construction of these homes began around 1890 and ended in the 1930’s, however there’s many new renovations in these beautiful houses. The architectural styles are mainly Tudor and Georgian, and every house in the neighbourhood is detached and have large property sizes with gardens




Bridle Path

Beautiful estate in Bridal Path

Real estate in the Bridle Path neighbourhood is marketed towards the affluent. In fact, the neighbourhood is referred to as the “Millionaires Row”, and it lives up to that name today because there isn’t one house in the neighbourhood worth under one million dollars! These mansions are some of the largest real estate located in Toronto







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