Davisville Village

The Origins and Development of Davisville Village

The Davisville Village received it’s name from one of the first settlers of the area. In 1840, John Davis immigrated here from Staffordshire, England. Mr. Davis was very successful once he moved into Canada, he opened up the his own pottery store (known as Davis Pottery), he served as Davisville’s first postmaster, and he also helped fund the first public school in the neighbourhood (known as Davisville Public School). The post office building where Davis served, still stands today on the corner of Yonge Street and Davisville Avenue!

toronto's davisville village

Toronto Real Estate in Davisville Village

In the 1860’s, the southern part of Davisville Village was subdivided. The residence of this area were mainly friends and family of John Davis. The northern part of Davisville Village was owned by the Church until the 1900’s.

Today, Davisville Village is a very popular neighbourhood for singles, young couples, and families. The neighbourhood offers affordable Toronto real estate, along with great recreational facilities, outstanding shopping districts, active nightlife, restaurants, dinner theatre, clubs, and movie theatres. The neighbourhood also offers local residence with nearby professional services, such as: printing, banking, health care, and dental care.

The estates in this Toronto neighbourhood were mainly built between 1920 and 1940. These homes mainly comprise of two and three-storey English Cottage and Edwardian-style, with some detached and semi-detached houses and bungalows. For the more affluent individuals, custom homes are popular in Davisville Village. You can also still see some of the historic homes that were built in the 1800’s!

Toronto's Davisville Village

View of downtown Toronto from Davisville Village

The shopping district for the Davisville Village residence can be found on Mount Pleasant Road. You can easily spend a full day exploring the wide variety of shops and stores available on this stretch. Some shops you can expect to see in the Davisville Village shopping district include:

  • fine restaurants

  • old antique shops

  • large clothing stores

  • small accessory shops

  • unique collectible stores

  • lots of gift shops

  • bakeries that you can smell from outside the store

  • delicious cafes & coffee shops

  • children’s clothing and toy stores

No matter what your preferences are, you’ll surely be able to find what you’re looking for at the Davisville Village shopping district!

For the nature enthusiasts, Davisville Village offers seven parks (green spaces) to its residence. These parks include: Davisville Park, David A. Balfour Park, Moore Park Ravine, Lawrence Park, Blythwood Ravine, Sherwood Park, Sunnybrook Park. The local favorite seems to be Davisville Park, which offers: six tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and is a great place to come for a walk or jog through a natural habitat!

toronto's davisville village

A home in Toronto's Davisville Village

Education is an important in the lives of most Davisville Village residence. There’s over twelve schools available for locals to choose from, no matter what you or your families current education is at, there’s something for everyone. For the children there’s four elementary schools, for the teens there’s four secondary schools, and for the adults you can choose from many post secondary institutes. There’s also a school catered for the deaf.

Davisville Village is centrally located in the City of Toronto, and is only minutes away from downtown! To get the to highways or expressways it will take approximately 15-20 minutes by vehicle. For public transportation, locals can jump on the bus service, or the take a stroll over to one of the two subway stations in the area!

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