The Origins and Development of Summerhill

The Summerhill area is currently one of Toronto’s most popular neighbourhoods. The reason for this goes back to the 1800’s, when the land was first discovered, and it’s first development began. The area was always constantly under development right from the beginning, and there’s been a lot of changes throughout the life of Summerhill. To fully understand Summerhill, you need to know it’s history. Let’s start from the beginning.

Summerhill Street View

Summerhill was first discovered by Charles Thompson in the mid 1800’s. In 1842, Mr. Thompson built a marvelous 200 acre Regency cottage, on top of hill where Summerhill Gardens are located today. However, this is only one of the unique things that make Summerhill such a great neighbourhood.

Along with his cottage, Mr. Thompson also established the a very popular amusement park known as the “Summer Hill Spring Park and Pleasure Grounds”. This popular amusement park featured: rides, games, swimming, and a dance pavilion. Many people gathered around the dance pavilion, which was built inside of Mr. Thompson’s actual estate!

Once Mr. Thompson passed away, his land and property were inherited by his heirs. In the 1860’s, his heirs had the land subdivided, and the land was named Summerhill after Mr. Thompson’s cottage. Within no time at all, the new residents moved in, and most of them were workers at the North Toronto Railway station. The station stopped service in the early 1900’s, and was eventually rebuilt into what is now the neighbourhood’s liquor store! One of Summerhill’s most unique buildings.

A Beautiful view of Summerhill

Today, the Summerhill neighbourhood is one of Toronto’s most prominent neighbourhoods! Most of the homes are detached and semi-detached, and are Victorian and Edwardian in style. There’s also some more modern townhouses, and some low-rise luxury condominiums available.

Some of Summerhill’s features include:

  • meandering streets filled with Victorian and Edwardian century houses.

  • greenspace; the neighbourhood is filled with beautiful trees.

  • distinct shopping area, with fine shops and restaurants (like the original train station that was converted into an LCBO).

  • the Rosehill Reservoir Park, which features: a footpath for walkers and joggers a, children’s playground, reflecting pools, it’s connected to nature trails in the Vale of Avoca Ravine.

  • education opportunities; there’s many private and public schools are in the area.

  • the Summerhill subway station, is within walking distance. You’ll have no problems getting around Toronto, and then back home.

That’s to name a few of Summerhill’s features. Until you actually see Summerhill, you can’t experience everything it has to offer.

Winter In Summerhill

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