King West Village

The Origins and Development of King West Village

The King West Village is also commonly known as Queen West Village. The very deep history of this neighbourhood goes back to the 1850s. This is when Clarence Square and Victoria Square was joined together by the great Wellington Place Boulevard.

toronto's king west village

Rooftop view of Toronto from King West Village

In the 1990s, King West Village had become deserted of industry, when all the manufacturing companies had moved out from the neighbourhood. Soon after in 1996, the City of Toronto began helping the neighbourhood build a community, they did this by enacting the King Spadina Plan (a plan to revitalize this Toronto neighbourhood).

Today, you can see that the King Spadina Plan had worked. Many new buildings were built in the area, thanks to Toronto’s marvellous developers. Restaurants and nightclubs quickly drew attention to King West Village, and many condominiums were built up to 20 stories high with underground parking. The condominiums cater towards the young and hip urban professionals. King West Village now offers some Toronto’s finest estate, shops, artist studios, as well as fashionable restaurants.

As mentioned earlier, King West Village offers some of Toronto’s best estate. You can find beautiful Victorian-style town homes sitting upon the exact same location as where some of Toronto’s largest manufacturing plants used to exist. The new Victorian-style town homes and condominiums are nicely complimented by the windy roads, trees, and local parks that make for a great walk or a fantastic bicycle ride!

torontos king west village

Beautiful Toronto Real Estate in King West Village

King West Village provides you with all you’re daily needs and conveniences, such as:

  • great variety shops

  • professional services

  • large independent galleries

  • marvellous restaurants

  • hip night clubs

  • local natural parks

  • car wash centre

  • a few fitness centers with health food shops

  • many kinds of yoga classes are available

  • take the streetcar service or Gardiner Expressway for quick and easy transportation

With all that this Toronto neighbourhood has to offer, you’ll never be bored again! This friendly neighbourhood has a one of a kind community, the residents know their neighbours, and constantly greet the same people jogging down the street. King West Village offers easy access to Toronto’s business and financial districts, and is only five minutes away from downtown Toronto!

Parks in the neighbourhood bring out the nature side of King West Village. Stanley Park is a neighbourhood favourite, people love to go there to play some baseball, tennis, soccer, pool, or take a swim in the outdoor pool. Stanley Park is also a great place to meet with friends and relax.

Toronto's King West Village

Shopping Strip in King West Village

The local library (known as Toronto’s Sanderson Branch Public Library), offers residence a nice quite study area, which is convenient for the younger professionals.

King West Village is now one of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods, and is often compared to the “Soho” style neighborhood in Manhattan. The condominiums and Victorian-style town homes have quickly appreciated in value over the last decade, and are constantly in high demand in this great location. To most people, these Toronto estates are not an alternative, but are the only real option!


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