The Origins and Development of Allenby

The Allenby neighbourhood that you see today in Toronto has been developed through a long history. Starting way back in the 1400’s, this is when the land was first settled by a Huron tribe, which developed their own village.

In the early 1700’s, this well organized village unfortunately dispersed after 300 years of living in this area. The reason is unknown, but it was left deserted for approximately 200 years. It wasn’t until the year 1927, that the present day Allenby neighbourhood began its development.

Allenby Real Estate

Today, the Allenby neighbourhood attracts families with young teens and children. The main reason is because of the local schools that have built great reputations throughout

Toronto. The Allenby Public School was built on a hill, and opened in 1927 (the same year the area began development). The hill that the school was built upon was a man-made hill by the Hurons, the Hurons did made this hill by burrowing food stocks underground! The Allenby Public School along with the neighbourhood itself was named after Lord Allenby, a British World War I hero.

Along with it’s great local schools, Allenby also attracts people to the area because of it’s affordable real estate, excellent shopping venues, recreational activities to keep you active, and convenient public transportation.

Allenby Park

Real estate in the Allenby neighbourhood goes for as low as $500 000 Canadian, however there are a few houses that are worth over a million. This real estate was built between the years 1930 and 1950, and have been built with Tudorian architechure. Allenby offers a variety of detached two storey homes and bungalows, and the property sizes are above Toronto’s average property size. Most homes have their own private driveway, but some share a mutual driveway. Most of the real estate located in Allenby is over 50 years of age, however extensive renovations have upgraded the houses while maintaining original wood details and decorative Tudor accents.

Shopping for Allenby residence is mainly done along Eglinton Avenue West. Eglinton Avenue West offers a variety of shops, restaurants, clothing stores, and professional services. This entire shopping district compliments Allenby because all of the shops, restaurants, clothing stores, and professional services are geared towards families and children.

Allenby Real Estate

Recreation activities for Allenby residence mainly take place at the North Toronto Memorial Community Recreation Centre, which is located on Eglinton Avenue West. This community centre features:

●       an indoor and outdoor pool

●       a gymnasium

●       a walking track

●       aerobic rooms and weight rooms

●       two artificial ice rinks that are used as tennis courts in the summertime

For some outdoor activity, you can visit the Belt Line trail. The Belt Line trail is a very popular 7 km trail that winds through the central part of the city. This is mainly used as a leisure trail, however many people use it was a jogging path and hiking trail as well. There is local access to the Belt Line trail from Oriole Parkway.

Public transportation is convenient for Allenby residence, thanks to the bus service on Eglinton Avenue and Avenue Road. The bus service connects passengers to Toronto’s subway line for even quicker transportation. From Allenby, it takes approximately 15 minutes to get to the highways and expressways, and it takes 20 minutes to get to downtown Toronto.


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