The Origins of the Parkdale Neighbourhood
Parkdale began initial development in 1878, when it officially became a village due to it’s high popularity. This neighbourhood was the only area that could compete with Rosedale, back in the day. Soon after, in the late 1800’s, Parkdale’s residence voted in favour of joining the City of Toronto.

Overlooking Lake Ontario from Parkdale

Overlooking Lake Ontario from Parkdale

In the early 1900’s, Parkdale quickly became known as Toronto’s playground by the lake. This happened because Sunnyside Amusement park and Bathing Pavilion opened for business right on Parkdale’s beach! Sunnyside was one of the most developed Toronto areas back in the early 1900’s, which was due to it’s high popularity.

Unfortunately for Parkdale, Sunnyside was shut down by Toronto’s council. The council did this to make room for the Gardiner Expressway, as well as a new Lake Shore Boulevard. This took place in 1956, and after the new additions were completed, Parkdale’s was cut off from the beach. Parkdale’s popularity declined drastically, and even today Parkdale is still recovering from these additions.

Parkdale has a lower population than most neighbourhoods in Toronto, but this has had a positive effect on the neighbourhood, and it’s residence. For example, a group of Parkdale residents known as the Parkdale Community Watch, has dedicated themselves to safety and well-being of the entire neighbourhood. In fact, Parkdale recently received a reward as the best Toronto neighbourhood watch group from the International Society of Crime Prevention.

Local  Queen St. Shops

Local Queen St. Shops

Parkdale offers it’s residence affordable well-preserved Victorian homes, impressive mansions from retirees who used to live in the area, and condos from former businesses. A new development is a condo that was completed in spring 2009, it was built from the former Canadian Tire building, and offers a great condo experience. However, this is only one example of what Parkdale has to offer.

As mentioned earlier, there are many positive attributes to the Parkdale neighbourhood. Here are some location you may be interested in checking out:

  • High Park, the largest park in Toronto with just under 400 acres of land to explore!
  • The shopping district, it’s known as one of Toronto’s most vibrant areas.
  • Marilyn Bell Park, a great green space to relax or have a picnic.
  • The West Toronto Railpath, a pedestrian/cycle path along the former rail lines.
  • Sunnyside Park, enjoy a nice walk along the beach, or a swim in the lake!
  • Elementary and secondary education, available without leaving Parkdale.
  • Streetcar, a reliable transportation service available to all!

Parkdale was once the wealthiest area in Toronto (before the Gardiner Expressway, and a new Lake Shore Boulevard were built), and you can see that from the well-preserved mansions that were built in the late 1800’s. Some of the mansions are still available, however most of them have been converted into rooming homes for single family use. These beautiful homes have mixed styles from Queen Anne to Richardson Romansque.

Toronto Exhibition Gates

Toronto Exhibition Gates

If you want to shop till you drop, you’re in luck because Parkdale’s commercial shopping district is right around the corner on Queen Street. There’s a humongous mix of shops and restaurants for you to choose from. This area is known as the most vibrant and creative shopping district in Toronto, due to it’s beautiful architecture, as well as the variety of shops it has to offer.

Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood offers great housing for new families to reside. Parkdale began initial development in 1878, and was the wealthiest area in Toronto at the time. However after the new additions in 1956, the population steadily declined. This has had a positive effect for the community, as Parkdale received a reward as the best Toronto neighbourhood watch group! Parkdale offers affordable well-preserved Victorian homes, impressive mansions, and condos, which ever you prefer. Parkdale also offers easy access to the most vibrant, and creative shopping district in Toronto. Parkdale is a great neighbourhood to consider your new place to call home!

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