The Origins and Development of Cedarvale

Cedarvale’s development into the modern day neighbourhood that it is today, begins in the year 1912. This is when Henry Pellatt (a well-known Canadian financier and soldier) registered a plan for subdivision of the land, and he named the area Cedarvale.

A Cedarvale home

The name comes from the areas surroundings at the time. There is a ravine that runs directly through the neighbourhood, and there used to be many cedars that would grow in the wetlands of the ravine.

The ravine itself has a lot of meaning to Toronto, and specifically to the Cedarvale neighbourhood. In 1966, the ravine was going to be cleared out to make room for the Spadina Expressway that was going to run from Cedarvale to downtown Toronto. Thanks to the residence of Toronto, the proposition was cancelled, and the ravine remains the center piece of Cedarvale.

Today, the main thing that attracts people to this Toronto neighbourhood is the Cedarvale Ravine (as mentioned earlier). This ravine goes diagonally through the middle of Cedarvale, allowing for unique outdoor activities.

Cedarvale Ravine in Winter

Real estate in Toronto’s Cedarvale neighbourhood varies in price from just over $400 000 to over one million dollars Canadian. These homes were built between 1920 and 1950, and are mainly of Tudor and Georgian architecture. The larger real estate in Cedarvale is mainly marketed towards the affluent, and they offer large lots that overlook the ravine!

Cedarvale offers a large variety of real estate in terms of size. You can find: starter houses, family size houses, multi-plex houses, walk-up apartments, and mansions that overlook the ravine.

Shopping for Cedarvale residence is mainly done at Toronto’s Eglinton Avenue West shopping district. You can do mostly all your shopping in this one district! It includes:

●       fashion stores

●       gift shops

●       home improvement stores

●       specialty food shops

●       grocery stores

●       general stores

●       professional services

●       variety of restaurants

If you want to mix things up, there’s another shopping district nearby. Check out the shopping district further down Eglinton Avenue on Vaughan Road. This shopping district is known as Toronto’s best Caribbean style shopping area. It offers a variety of Caribbean shops, restaurants, and services all directly in Toronto!

cedarvale real estate

Cedarvale offers many outdoor recreational activities. During the summer, the Cedarvale Ravine is a great hiking trail that connects the historic Belt Line Railway trail, and it’s enjoyed by walkers, cyclists, joggers, and even bird watchers! You can also check out the Cedarvale Park located at the north end of the ravine, which provides: tennis courts, playing fields, and an indoor ice arena. In the winter, the Cedarvale Ravine is filled with cross country skiers.

Schools located in the Cedarvale neighbourhood include:

●       three public elementary schools

●       one catholic elementary schools

●       two public secondary schools

●       one private schools

●       one college

●       one university

Cedarvale offers a variety of education opportunities to all levels.

Public transportation is offered to locals through the public bus service on Bathurst Street. The bus service connects people to Toronto’s subway lines for reduced travel times. From Cedarvale it takes approximately 10 minutes to get the expressways and 15 minutes to get to downtown Toronto.



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