Teddington Park

The Origins and Development of Teddington Park

The formation of Toronto’s Teddington Park neighbourhood as seen today, starts back in the early 1900’s. Teddington Park is located around the northern boundary of the City of Toronto. In 1912, two businessmen (Nicholas Garland and Robert Dack) registered plans for subdivision of the area.

Teddington Park

The development of Teddington Park was strongly influenced by the nearby Rosedale Golf Club, and it’s now developed into a high-end residential district.

Today, Teddington Park is still a high-end residential district, and it’s also one of Toronto’s smallest and most exclusive districts! Teddington Park is surrounded by natural parks and green spaces, including the great Rosedale Golf Club (as mentioned earlier), as well as the Riverview Drive Ravine. Together they allow peace and quite throughout the entire Teddington Park neighbourhood.

teddington park home

Real estate in Teddington Park varies in price from $700 000 Canadian to well over a million. This Toronto real estate is marketed towards the affluent, and many of the most successful Torontoians reside in Teddington Park. Teddington Park features:

●       Tudor architecture houses

●       Georgian architecture houses

●       Winding, country road, on a wide maple tree lined boulevard

●       The majority of homes were built between 1910 and 1935

These large homes all have plenty of land, allowing for outdoor gatherings and events directly outside your house!

Teddington Park

Teddington Park also attracts people with it’s convenient shopping, great outdoors, high quality education, and public transportation throughout Toronto.

●       Local shopping is just a short walk away! Within a 10 minute walk from Teddington Park you can find: general stores, large national grocery stores, hardware stores, dry cleaners, toy shops, fashion stores, restaurants, and coffee shops.

●       Outdoor activities will be sure to keep you busy. Visit the nearby Wanless Park and play some tennis on one of its five tennis courts. If tennis isn’t your thing, that’s okay because Wanless Park also features: a basketball court, a wading pool, a children’s playground, and a baseball diamond. For golf enthusiasts, checking out Rosedale Golf Club is an absolute must! For some indoor activities check out the local Community Centre, which features an indoor gymnasium and a swimming pool.

●       Education is offered for the entire family. You can choose from one public elementary school, one public secondary school, two catholic schools, and three private schools. Teddington Park takes pride in its local education

●       Transportation is made easy to the public. Bus lines run through Teddington Park on Younge Street, and connects passengers to the subway station for extra fast transportation. From Teddington Park it takes approximately 20 minutes to get to downtown Toronto by vehicle.

Teddington Park is one of Toronto’s smallest and most exclusive neighbourhoods thanks to the Rosedale Gold Club and the Riverview Drive Ravine. The real estate is marketed towards Toronto’s affluent individuals and families. These large homes are complimented by large property sizes, convenient shopping, great outdoors, high quality education, and public transportation throughout Toronto.


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