Casa Loma

The Origins and Development of Casa Loma

The history of Toronto’s Casa Loma neighbourhood goes back to before the 1900’s. This beautiful majestic land attracted many wealthy citizens to build their real estate in the area.

There’s been many massive homes built in this neighbourhood, however one that stands out above all is the humongous castle known as the Casa Loma. The Casa Loma was built by Sir William Henry Mill Pellatt in 1911, and it’s also where this Toronto neighbourhood received its name from.

Sir William had 300 of his men working for three years to build the Casa Loma castle. This enormous estate cost Sir William almost four million dollars. Back in the early 1900’s, four million dollars was an extraordinary amount of money, and only the wealthiest would even consider spending such funds on a home.

Unfortunately for Sir William, in the 1920’s the cost to own such a large castle was catching up to him, and soon after he was forced into debt. The castle was turned over to the City of Toronto, and Sir William’s departure from Casa Loma began this neighbourhoods development into what you see there today.

Today, Toronto’s Casa Loma neighbourhood provides marvellous real estate to many happy citizens. Casa Loma offers many parks and ravines, allowing the neighbourhood to feel like an enriched forest in the middle of a large city. This makes Casa Loma very unique from other neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Toronto's Casa Loma Neighbourhood

The houses in Casa Loma vary from the following architectural styles: Tudor, Georgian, Edwardian, and English Cottage. The majority of the real estate was built between 1905 and 1940. The houses on the southern side of the neighbourhood offer an amazing view of Toronto’s skyline and Lake Ontario, but all the houses in Casa Loma are able to enjoy the beautiful mature oak and maple trees that surround the entire neighbourhood!

The views and surroundings aren’t the only great things about the real estate located in Toronto’s Casa Loma neighbourhood. The real estate here offer a nice mix of single family houses, duplex and triplex houses, luxury townhouses, condominiums, and co-ownership apartment buildings. Most of the older real estate offers large front lawns.

View of Toronto from Casa Loma

Beyond great real estate, Toronto’s Casa Loma neighbourhood also offers convenient shopping, beautiful parks and green space, great education opportunities, as well as quick and easy transportation to anywhere in Toronto! For more information read the bullets below:

●       Shopping for the majority Casa Loma residence takes place at the Bathurst and St. Clair shopping district. In this shopping district you can find many gourmet food shops, high end boutiques, and many different kinds of professional services all at your doorstep!

●       Casa Loma has many parks and green space surrounding the neighbourhood. Sir Winston Churchill Park is one of the local favorites, and features: 10 floodlit tennis courts, a children’s playground, and a popular running path that skirts the perimeter of the park. The Nordheimer Ravine offers many beautiful sights provided by a large variety of trees, plants, and wildlife. For extra recreation, check out the local community centre which features an indoor pool and a gymnasium.

●       Education is important for all Toronto residence. Casa Loma offers a variety of nearby schools for all age groups. In the area, you can find one public elementary school, two public secondary schools, two private schools, and one college.

●       Transportation is not only convenient, but it’s also quick and easy! There’s a regular bus route that passes by on Bathurst Street. If the bus isn’t your thing, then be sure to check out the street car service or the subway station, both of which are located on St. Clair Avenue West.

The Casa Loma neighbourhood offers it’s residence not only prime Toronto real estate, but also many other accommodations as well, such as: convenient shopping, beautiful parks and green space, great education opportunities, as well as quick and easy transportation to anywhere in Toronto.


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