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Financing Your Home or Project

Whether you are a first time buyer, very experienced or an investor the first step is to obtain financing for your home or project.

Don’t rush out to find a property first. Figure out what you can afford and then find a home loan that suites your needs.

Hopefully on this page you will find the information you need to do just that. Check out the articles below and let us know how we can help.

This is how the Lender Views Your Credit    The Lenders Point of View

Need To Improve Your Credit  –Having challenges with financing Here’s How You Can Find out how to Improve Your Credit Score

Why Would You Want To Use a Mortgage Broker Instead of a Bank

Have you heard about NO FRILLS MORTGAGES WITH THEIR LOW LOW RATES! Before rushing ahead with one read this article belowThe Disadvantages of No Frills Mortgages

Interest Only Home Loans and Mortgages

Have you heard about interest only home loans and mortgage in the news recently? Then you will want to read the article contributed to our site on the Pros and Cons of interest only financing… just click below Interest Only Home Loans and Mortgages

Understanding the HST.  Do you have to pay HST on resale homes.  Here the president of the Toronto Real Estate Board explains this in the video below.




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