Hoggs Hollow

The Origins and Development of Hoggs Hollow

The history of the Hoggs Hollow neighbourhood begins in 1824, when James Hogg, a Scottish poet and novelist from Lanarkshire, settled in the area. Mr. Hogg opened a whisky distillery, which became one of the most successful whisky distilleries in the entire valley.
Hoggs Hollow

Mr. Hogg passed away in 1835, and his two sons inherited the property. In 1856, his two sons decided to have the land subdivided. When the area was subdivided, it received the name “Hogg’s Hollow” from Mr. Hogg’s two sons. The subdivision created 141 properties, however only a couple were actually built on at the time.

There is still four of the original Hogg’s Hollow houses still standing! The rest of the neighbourhood continued development in the 1920’s, and was finally completed by 1970.

Hoggs Hollow was a part of the City of North York until 1998, this was when the city merged with five other municipalities, and a regional government to form the new City of Toronto.

Today, the Hoggs Hollow neighbourhood is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto. There’s a lot of interesting information about this neighbourhood, read the following points to understand more about the Hoggs Hollow neighbourhood:

  • York Mills Public School was decommissioned in the 80’s. It was then renovated, and the historic two room schoolhouse exterior was restored. This building now serves as office space for the local school board.

  • The neighbourhood is well connected to Toronto by the York Mills subway station, which allows quick and easy transportation to anywhere in Toronto.


  • The Miller Tavern (aka as the Jolly Miller Tavern) was shutdown for many years, however it was re-opened in 2004. The tavern is now open, and is used to preserve the historical landmark.

  • The neighbourhood is a very well developed business area, one of the best in Toronto. This allows local residence to have easy access to the best businesses and services available.

  • Many of the original estates that were built in the neighbourhood are still stand, however lately they seem to be getting torn down, to allow new residence to build their own custom mansions.

  • An unfortunate incident known as the “Hoggs Hollow Disaster” occurred in 1960. The incident involves five construction workers, who were working in a 35 foot underground, cramped, and dimly lit tunnel. They were working on constructing a tunnel to allow water into Hoggs Hollow, and while they were working they were trapped and killed 35 feet underground. This incident led to huge improvements in all of Hoggs Hollow working conditions.

  • Real estate in the Hoggs Hollow neighbourhood, ranges from two million to seven million Canadian dollars, as the asking price. Sometimes the prices may be negotiable, other times they may not be, regardless the Hoggs Hollow real estate is marketed towards affluent buyers.

  • This neighbourhood has a community website, allowing for residence to keep in touch with what’s going on in the community, as well as allow residence to report issues they may be having in the neighbourhood.

The Hoggs Hollow neighbourhood has a deep history that begins in 1824, and still continues to be made today. It’s one of the most affluent neighbourhoods, and there’s a lot of interesting information about this Toronto neighbourhood!


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