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The Easiest Way To Get Started As A Real Estate Investor

This question was sent to me through our Toronto Loft Living website. There is an excess of information on investing in real estate in the media and on the internet, much of it confusing.

You keep hearing about how you can buy all these great deals with no money down or very little down and do quick flips pocketing a ton of cash.

If you live in southern Ontario most folks find that the banks are not that amenable and that they seem to need large amounts of cash to do anything.

Plus if you are in the Toronto area, which is the best rental area prices are very high. So how can you get into the investment market and make it work?

What is the truth of real estate investing and how can you get started?
Well first thing to realize is that a lot of those people selling their product(the high priced seminars costing thousands of dollars) are making as much money from the sale of their seminar as they are from their actual real estate investing In some cases maybe even more.There are authors who openly admit to earning more from their trainings than from their real estate investments.
The other issue is that many of the trainers are Americans coming to Canada who will tell you to do things that are permissable in the U.S. and may even in some cases be considered as fraudulent here in our markets and Canadian environment.
This does not invalidate real estate investing. Real Estate long term is your best investment of any type. At least that is my humble opinion.

What’s important is to find a quality source of Canadian based information to assist you in learning to invest in Canada. Give us a call if you would like to become a part of our investor network.

There are a number of models of getting started as a Real Estate Investor. Here’s an article about how I did it. As you grow in real estate investing you will meet a number of people who do it many different ways. It’s important to use methods and models that work. Get Started As A Real Estate Investor

Seven Deadly Sins of Small Time Investing

Dreaming of becoming a small time investor. There are core issues you need to know and understand. Read this article on the Seven Deadly Sins and you will understand what doesn’t work. Then check our other articles to see what does or give us a call. Seven Deadly Sins of Small Time Investing

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Real Estate Development Made Easy

Real Estate Development Made Easy

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