Improve Your Toronto Lawn

toronto lawn careIf you’re thinking of selling your Toronto home or just want to have the neighbours admire the appearance of your home then take a look at your property from across the street from your home. Could be that your lawn could use some work. Damaged and dead areas in your lawn not only look bad, but they’re easy to fix. With a little bit of lawn care, you’ll have the streetscape of your Toronto home looking better than ever! Follow my easy step by step guide for a simple lawn care solution:

1. Rake up all the dead grass, fallen leaves, and move any debris off of your lawn.

2. Sprinkle a premium slow release lawn fertilizer on your entire lawn.

3. Thicken your lawn by applying grass seed, be sure to apply extra to the damaged and/or dead areas.

4. During the warmer weeks, be sure to water your lawn once a week. Caution: don’t water your lawn more than twice a week (it could flood your grass), and avoid watering at night (due to increased chance of fungus).

5. Once your lawn begins to grow, you’ll need to mow it eventually. Before mowing, ensure your blades are sharp for a clean cut. On the warmer days you’ll want to raise your mower to prevent your lawn from drought.

If you follow this simple 5 step guide, you’ll have a better looking lawn in no time!
Your neighbours will be saying you have the best looking lawn on the street. If you put your Toronto home on the market this will also improve the marketability of your home.

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