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You’ve probably been hearing all about the serious mess in the U.S. real estate market due to the sub prime mortgage debacle. Thousands and thousands of people are losing their homes. There are new home subdivisions sitting vacant completely built and ready to go. It is definitely time to Buy Florida Real Estate.

If you have ever considered escaping Canadian winters and I am sure we all have especially after this past winter with it’s 5 months of snow; this may be your time to consider buying a Florida getaway.

Given a 10 year time frame from now to say 2018 this will most likely be your best price opportunity ever. If you can see yourself doing business on the patio in shorts and a polo shirt with a cool drink in your hand greeting your business associates or family and friends then it’s time to learn about Florida real estate.

What stops most people from making a move is not knowing about the buying and closing process and the tax implications. Buying, getting a mortgage, Income Tax, Death Tax, and Property Tax.

So here on these next few pages you will find most of the info you need to get started to buy Florida real estate.

Closing A Florida Home

Getting A Florida Mortgage

Florida Property Taxes

Managing Florida Tax and Estate Planning

Articles Coming Soon – Check back in a few days

How To Minimize U.S. Estate Tax

Florida Tax Amendments

Real Estate A Winning Investment

Where to Buy in Florida

Always remember to get proper Legal Advise from lawyers who deal in cross border real estate and planning. Also a knowledgeable tax advisor is appropriate. Do not construe the information here as legal or tax advise. Also Florida Laws and Revenue Canada can change their minds whenever it suits them so you should make sure you get current advise at the time of your real estate purchase, not relying on this.

We have simply put this together from workshops and information sessions we have attended with a view to simplifying the process for you and removing some of the fear of the unknown.


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