The New Divorce

Tina and Alison were out for ‘girls night out’.  It was Friday night, and Tina needed to relax after a hard week’s work.  Luckily, both Tina and Alison had significant others at home that could stay with their children.  The night was still young as they sipped on their second margaritas.  The bar was relatively […]


Replacing your toilet’s water valve

I am no plumber, and I know my limitations.  This was a project that I was pretty sure I could do.  The valve failed, after 30 years, it was stuck in an ‘off’ position, and my toilet was getting no water flow into the tank.   I tend to treat projects like this like a recipe, […]


Fruit Pizza

Faced with a last minute invitation, I had to come up with something fast for a snack!  It is smothering hot outside right now, so I knew I needed to find something light and cool!   When taking something to a friends, it’s nice to use disposable dishes, no clean up for you, and no clean […]


Property Virgins

Have you watched Property Virgins on HGTV? It first aired in Canada in 2006, and came to US tv in 2007. I didn’t watch my first episode until this year (2011) when i watched a marathon, and now I’m hooked! I love the show’s host, and real estate agent, Sandra Rinomato. She is great with […]


Summer Berry and Mango Fruit Salad

I love all the fresh fruit now available at the market!  We get so hot working outside, sometimes we just want something light (and sweet) to refresh us.  This salad fits that bill perfectly!  It’s also great for a luncheon as your main course served with a light toasty bread and some delicious iced green […]

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