Caroline’s on Parliament in Cabbagetown

I was on my way home from meeting with one of my sellers at his condo apartment which we have for sale at the moment and decided to try Caroline’s on Parliament St.  The attraction of trying Caroline’s is that they offer many gluten free options. Gluten free and dairy free pizza, gluten free pasta and gluten free breads. 

 So obviously they appeared to have a real awareness of allergies and the condition of Celiacs who need to live and eat without these items mixed into their food.

I called ahead to see what they had in stock… all sounded good.

On arriving I was offered to sit on the patio  which sounded good as it was a delightful night . Patio was very dirty and in serious need of a powerwash and some coats of paint on all exterior wood.

The attentive waiter offered me a choice of wines.  Five minutes later came back to inform me that my choice was out of stock.

Tried ordering gluten free pasta or pizza.  Came back five minutes later to let me know there was no gluten free pizza or pasta available they were out of stock.

Told me they could do a gluten free main with patti pan squash a mashed potato with no butter or dairy. Came back 5 minutes later to tell me the chef wouldn’t do the taters that way.

Organized a main with him of Halibut with mixed veg, patty pan squash. About 15 minutes later my dinner arrives.  Very nice tasty Halibut done just right. Good veg, nice salad no patti pan squash.  Ask the waiter where’s the promised patti pans.  He shrugs his shoulders and walks away.

Meantime some new customers arrive and sit down beside me.  They begin to order.  Turns out everything they order is out of stock. hmmm.  How do you run a restaurant like this.

Needless to say the food here is not at fault.  It’s just that nothing on the menu is in stock. You can order but your order may not come out as offered.  And if you need a gluten free meal well good luck.  Nothing is as advertised. Plus the dirty patio is quite gross when you have to sit and gaze at it for a few minutes.

Give this one a pass. There are just too many fantastic options in Toronto to put up with this kind of an establishment even if the chef does do a nice job.

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