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If you’re just starting to look for a loft  in Toronto either new or resale, this guide could be very helpful.

It’s a comprehensive guide to the Toronto Loft  real estate market.

Inside you’ll get pictures and information  for 100 of the most popular loft buildings available, along with features and descriptions.
So when you’re driving through downtown Toronto you’ll know which buildings are hard lofts and which are new builds.  You will have details of general sizes of units in the buildings and the main building features and location hot points!

The Guide tells you which part of the city each loft building is located in. so that you can easily group them together for driving and viewing neighbourhoods.

We developed the Toronto Loft Guide because people kept asking us where they could find the best Loft buildings in the City.

They weren’t sure how to discern between a condo, a soft loft or a hard loft while driving around.

They also couldn’t tell which buildings were starter buildings with small units and a small price tag or which buildings had the large spacious but more expensive lofts. Some people wanted a true hard loft and others wanted something newer with many of the features of a modern condo building.

The Loft Guide is a great jumping off point for all this information.

Also when you get the guide you will get access to our Loft Members website.

The loft members website will give you an online guide to Lofts.  This means that as new lofts become available we will add them immediately to the website.  We will notify you of any builder previews and builder specials. You will be right on top of the loft market in Toronto.

The good new is that we add all this information to the Original Loft guide once per year in the form of an update.

So our little guide just keeps on growing.

When you request your guide, you’ll also get  information on lofts that are currently for sale.

We can even set up a highly niched search for you.  But we only do this specifically if you ask us to.

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