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Toronto Real Estate The Decade In Review

Our own Jason Mercer talks about the Toronto Real Estate market over the past Ten years and what to expect in terms of the market and interest rates for the coming year or two.


It’s Cheaper To Carry A Home Today At Current Prices Than It Was In 1989

 Yes I did say that. For the last several years interest rates have been at historical lows. Incredibly, they have just dropped again. For most of my Real Estate Career interest rates have been between 10% and 11.75% generally averaging around 10.75%. With new five year fixed rates at 2.99% and 10 year fixed rates […]


ND Sushi & Grill

At the corner of Baldwin and Beverley St.  Not sure why they added Grill to the name.  Nothing was grilled and there was no Bar licence which would have been the other obvious addition to this name. The interior is spartan at best but fresh and very clean.  The Sushi and sashimi on the other […]


War Horse

My grandson and I went to see this movie over the Xmas holidays. We both loved it. Beautiful Southern England authentic scenery and a heart tugging story. Based on a book by the same name.  The young man enlists in the army after his horse is taken by the cavalry.  He ends up all over […]


Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows

For me this was a five star rating.  Robert Downey Jr. gave an award winning performance as Sherlock and Jude Law showed a new side to Sherlock’s sidekick Dr.Watson. Watson has always appeared as the ineffectual supportive side-kick.  This version of events shows him as an able and willing co-conspirator.  Jude Law develops an ineresting […]

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