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Using Plastic or How Not To Die financially By Plastic

Have you ever noticed that if you pay your credit cards on time they just keep on increasing your limits.If you start out with a $1500.00 credit limit within 6-9 months you could have a $5000.00 credit limit if you have paid your minimum balance within the 30 day agreed period. If you are capable […]


Canadian House Prices What's Real and What's Not

Newspaper editorials have been overflowing lately with speculation on how rising rates may lead to a surge in mortgage defaults. In response to this issue, CIBC Economist Benjamin Tal released a report that took a closer look at the facts and determined history doesn’t support this premise. Below is a summary of Tal’s report. House […]


Tax Tips For 2010

With the rush of the holiday season and New Year’s celebrations now over, many Canadians are turning their attentions to their taxes. Following are some useful tips to help simplify your 2009 tax filing process and get the most out of future returns. While the 2009 tax filing deadline is months away, January is often […]


HOMEOWNER TIPS – Humidifier Maintenance

Whether you have a power humidifier or just a simple pan-type model, you will have to clean your humidifier on a regular basis to ensure proper operation. As water evaporates, it leaves behind mineral deposits that clog the mechanisms in the humidifier, eventually causing it to stop working. You will be able to tell when […]


Homeowner Tips – Hiring A Snow Removal Contractor

Following are some questions to ask when choosing a snow removal contractor: 1. Does the company have insurance (general liability insurance specifically covering snow removal operations)? 2. Is the organization registered with the Better Business Bureau? 3. Are the employees of the company covered by workplace health and safety insurance? 4. How long has the […]

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